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Whether you’re sitting on a lot of cash looking for ways to invest in real estate as a GhostInvestor, or you’re an experienced investor looking to purchase additional properties to add to your portfolio, GhostFlip® has some incredible opportunities available for you.


Real estate investors work with GhostFlip in a number of ways. We have opportunities for cash investors to earn excellent interest rates on their money as a cash partner, we have joint venture opportunities available, as well as great deals on real estate investments that we haven’t yet renovated or repaired and are looking to sell well below market value. To invest as a cash investor, contact GhostFlip  through our website form below for more information on how we can help you succeed as a cash investor.


If you’ve been in real estate investing for long you know that finding the right property is a time consuming process. When you work with GhostFlip, you’re working with someone who has already done most of the time consuming work for you. GhostFlip can evaluate homes for their potential, saving JV partners time. To joint venture with us a 50/50 partner on rehab projects, contact GhostFlip through our website form below for more information on how we can help you succeed as a Joint Venture partner.


We’re well known for purchasing older homes, especially those that are structurally sound but are in need of an update that the owners are unable or unwilling to do. GhostFlip purchases so many houses that we can’t always get to rehabbing them in a timely manner. That’s why we flip some of these houses at below market value to investors looking for fixer upper homes. They can then repair, renovate and update these homes themselves. To be added to our buyers list, contact GhostFlip through our website form below. partner.


Since 2005, we have been investing in real estate throughout the Washington D.C metro area. After we purchase homes, we renovate, repair and modernize them so they’re ready for sale or rent. Need to sell your excess inventory for cash? Whether you’re interested in purchasing a fixer upper, a rental property or if you have an investment you’d like to sell, make GhostFlip your first phone call!

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